For most children, the first teeth come out when they are about six months old. Usually, the two bottom central incisors erupt first, followed by four top teeth. With time, the other teeth erupt, often in pairs, to fill the lower and upper jaw.
Baby teeth play a crucial role in a child’s oral health and general development. They help them to speak, chew and smile. Also, baby teeth hold space for permanent teeth that erupt as the kid grows older. Therefore, starting your child off with proper oral care can help protect their teeth for years to come.
When to Take Your Child for the First Dental Checkup
Many parents make the mistake of waiting for too long before taking their kid to Pediatric Dentist Niagara Falls ON for a routine dental checkup. According to Pediatric Dentist Niagara Falls ON, it is never too early to take your child for their first dental examination. Experts recommend to bring your child to a dentist as soon as their first tooth comes out.
Pediatric dentists undergo specialized training, which helps them to work with children. They specialize in studying children’s development and behavior, which allows them to handle dental problems associated with children. But why does a six-month-old baby need to see a dentist?
To Prevent Tooth Decay
Tooth decay is not a preserve for youth and adults. Baby teeth can also suffer tooth decay or dental infections. Therefore, kids need proper oral care, including regular dental examinations, as much as adults.
To Ensure Teeth are Growing Properly
Pediatric dental examinations also help to check whether the baby’s teeth are growing correctly. If there are problems, parents, together with the pediatric dentist, can create a treatment plan to correct them as early as possible.
If you have been planning to take your kid to a Pediatric Dentistry Edmonton, it’s time to schedule a dental examination with Applebay Family dental clinic. You can also visit our website to learn more about our extensive dental care services.