Many adults have one or more missing teeth, which can affect their self-esteem. You can replace your missing teeth with dental implants in Detroit, MI, and improve your smile. A dental implant is an artificial tooth placed in your jaw to hold a prosthetic tooth in position. Read on to find out if you are a candidate for dental implants in Detroit, MI.

Chronic Medical Conditions

If you are concerned a medical condition will not make you an ideal candidate, then you will need to complete an evaluation with an oral surgeon. High blood pressure, diabetes, and other chronic conditions do not immediately disqualify you from dental implant surgery. Your oral surgeon can take special precautions to promote a speedy recovery.

Wear Dentures

Dental patients need adequate amounts of jawbone to make for an ideal candidate. If you have been wearing dentures for years, it may still be possible to get dental implants. However, jawbone shrinkage can improve with grafting, which builds up the bone and supports implants.

Regular Smoker

Nicotine can slow down healing and restrict blood supply. Smoking will not prevent you from getting implant surgery, but you will need to stop two weeks before the procedure. However, it is a hindrance because proper healing is vital for the implant process. If you have any concerns, then you should come in for a physical examination to discuss the procedure.

Dentists offer a variety of options for tooth replacement. However, dental implants can improve your smile and restore confidence. Contact DiPilla Robert, DDS, at for a consultation today.