Dental Implant Procedures

by | Feb 15, 2019 | Dental

When you wear dentures, the dental appliances may feel uncomfortable. To overcome this problem, you can learn more about dental implants in Glenview, Il. Dental implants will remain inside your mouth after the devices are surgically implanted by our dentist. When you want to know if you can have dental implants, you should have an examination from our dentist so that he can determine if your gums and bones are healthy enough for the surgery. If you learn that your bones aren’t strong enough or that you have gingivitis, then our dentist can provide treatments for these conditions.

Multiple Crowns

The treatment for gum disease or weak bones can take several months, but eventually, you are ready for the dental implants in Glenview. There are different types of dental implants, but you should listen to our dentist’s advice concerning the best ones for your mouth. While some dental implants are made with individual posts, it is possible to have multiple crowns attached to one metal post. There are benefits from each type of dental implants, including having fewer holes drilled into your gums or having dental implants that may feel more stabilized.

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The process of having surgery for dental implants in Glenview includes receiving anesthesia so that our dentist can drill a hole in your gums for the titanium posts. A screw is attached to each post so that it can hold a customized dental crown. If you need several dental implants, then our dentist may need to perform the surgeries on different days. Caring for dental crowns is important, and our dentist will teach you how to brush or floss your dental implants. For more information about our dental services, contact South Loop Dental Specialists at our website located.