If the time has come for your wisdom teeth to be removed, you will definitely want to be comfortable and anxiety-free throughout the procedure. Therefore, you have probably considered what type of anesthesia or medications you will be given before and during the procedure to make it the best and least stressful that it could possibly be. This is an important question to ask your dentist or oral surgeon before Wisdom Teeth Removal Lincoln Park. Your dental professional may make one of several possible recommendations.

First, if you are young, your wisdom teeth are easily accessible and you are not feeling much anxiety about the procedure, he or she may only recommend local anesthesia. This is given through an injection into the surrounding gums approximately 30 minutes before the wisdom teeth removal. You will still be awake and will feel pressure around the site, but will not feel any pain.

Second, if you are feeling great anxiety or if your wisdom teeth are a bit less accessible, your dentist may recommend local anesthesia with IV sedation. IV sedation can help you relax throughout the procedure. You will not be completely asleep, but you will most likely not remember anything about any of the procedure once it is completed.

Third, if your wisdom teeth are very difficult to access, such as if they are highly impacted, or if your dentist suspects that removal may be difficult, he or she may recommend general anesthesia. With this option, you will be completely asleep throughout the procedure, and you will need more time to recover before heading home.

Your dentist will ensure that you will be completely comfortable for your Wisdom Teeth Removal Lincoln Park. For more information, contact the professionals at Chicago Smile Design, found online at Chicagosmiledesign.com.