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It can be confusing for people in the Canon City area to choose a dentist. Unless someone has a specific known issue with his or her teeth or gums, he or she is likely to face deciding between a general dentist and a cosmetic dentist.

It can be difficult to understand the differences between general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. However, patients in Canon City often do not need to know the specific differences as many dentists practice both. Dr. Smith at Jared M. Smith, DMD, General & Cosmetic Dentistry is a top example of a dentist providing both general and cosmetic dentistry services.

The Basics

As a good analogy, think of general dentistry as your family medical services. This is the basics of oral health and prevention of disease and conditions of the teeth and gums.

With general dentistry practices, patients will complete their annual exams, have routine dental cleanings and receive fluoride treatments and sealants after the cleanings. The services of general dentists also include fillings, root canals, and treatment for periodontal disease.


A key component of seeing a general dentist is to prevent any issues with the teeth or gums that are preventable. For example, detecting gingivitis and treating it before it becomes a periodontal disease or spotting early signs of weakening of the teeth that could lead to cavities are all issues addressed as part of the prevention side of these visits.

Cosmetic Dentistry

It is not uncommon for a patient to talk to their general dentist about cosmetic dental services. Issues such as tooth whitening, veneers, crowns or replacing missing teeth are all corrected through cosmetic dental services.

Working with a dental practice offering general and cosmetic dental services allows patients to find all the dental services they need at one trusted office in their own local community.