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In Indiana, wisdom teeth can become impacted and present a greater risk of infection. An infected wisdom tooth presents a serious health risk to the patient if the infection reaches the bloodstream. The dental professionals perform a variety of surgical procedures to remove wisdom teeth. A local dentist can explain vital information about wisdom teeth removal in Fishers IN.

The Consultation for the Surgery

The dental professional will schedule a consultation for the patient before the surgery. During the consultation, the dentist may acquire x-rays of the wisdom tooth and determine which method is better for removing the tooth. They also inform the patient of the date and time of the surgery.

What to Expect During the Surgery

The patient is sedated prior to the surgery to prevent any pain or discomfort. The dental professional completes the surgery by removing the gum away from the wisdom tooth. The root is cut away from the jawbone, and the tooth is removed completely.

After Care Requirements for Wisdom Teeth Extractions

The dental professionals explain all aftercare requirements for the wisdom tooth extraction. With wisdom teeth, the patient must rinse their mouth with medicated mouthwash. The patient must apply gauze over the empty socket to prevent a dry socket. A dry socket is painful and will require additional steps to eliminate pain and prevent an infection. Some dentists require the patient to consume liquids only for the first few days after the surgery.

Possible Risks and Side Effects

With any surgery, there is a risk of infection, and most dentists provide antibiotics for patients after the procedure. Some patients may experience nausea after the procedure and severe discomfort. The dentists recommend that the patient rest for the first couple of days following the procedure.

In Indiana, wisdom teeth could present a serious risk to the patient if the teeth become infected or are impacted. Wisdom teeth don’t erupt through the gum line correctly every time and could present a risk to surrounding teeth. The teeth can also affect the alignment of the teeth more severely. Patients who want to schedule wisdom teeth removal in Fishers IN can check out for more details now.