What You Should Know About A Dental Veneers In Birmingham MI

by | Jan 11, 2023 | Dentist

In Michigan, local residents may need help after they develop tooth damage. A local dentist can provide them with a wide variety of services to correct this damage. A Dental Veneers in Birmingham MI is among the beneficial services offered for these purposes.

Correcting Severe Discoloration

A dental veneer can correct severe discoloration. Patients who cannot eliminate stubborn stains through teeth whitening services could benefit from these devices. The dentist places the veneer over the affected tooth. The veneer is bonded onto the tooth to cover the discoloration completely.

Reshaping the Teeth

The veneers are also used to reshape the teeth. This is beneficial when correcting simple alignment issues. It also helps patients with teeth that aren’t shaped proportionately. The dentist can use the devices to correct the shape of the teeth and make them straighter. They also eliminate gaps between teeth and odd shapes. This could produce a more pleasing smile for the dental patient and boost their self-confidence.

The Major Benefits

The major benefits of veneers begin with the fact that they won’t become discolored over time. They don’t acquire new stains. They remain the same brilliant white color they were when the dentist installed them. They are stain resistant completely.

Long Lasting Products

Dentists install the veneer over the tooth and bond it to the tooth directly. The installation is durable and won’t become damaged. The patient can expect the device to last at least ten years. Additionally, the veneer won’t become scratched. They are bonded to the tooth and add extra protection. This prevents tooth damage and provides a strong finish. The patient won’t sustain damage to the veneer based on what they eat or drink. They also maintain a more natural-looking device that won’t present any aesthetic hindrances.

In Michigan, local residents may need restorative services after developing tooth damage. These services could include a variety of cosmetic solutions. These solutions may include veneers that are bonded onto the tooth entirely. Among the benefits of are whiter teeth, the elimination of alignment issues, and more proportionate teeth. Patients who wish to acquire a Dental Veneers in Birmingham MI should contact DiPilla Robert, DDS today.