When a Trip to Your Emergency Dentist in Burlington Is Needed

by | Oct 9, 2019 | Dental Care

You probably have a good idea of what situations would be considered a medical emergency that warrants a visit to the emergency department. However, it can be more difficult to determine what types of situations don’t appear obvious that would warrant a visit to your emergency dentist in Burlington, Ontario.
The most urgent dental emergencies include permanent teeth that have been entirely or partially knocked out, teeth that have been broken or cracked partially or clean through, lacerations in the oral cavity that cause significant bleeding, and significant trauma to the tongue or lips. Swelling and pain from a suspected abscess or wisdom tooth should be evaluated by your dentist on an emergency basis.
Dental emergencies may also involve malfunction or damage to a semi-permanent appliance or device in the mouth. Emergency dental care is needed when you chip a tooth to preserve as much of the structure inside of the tooth as possible. It is a dental emergency when you lose or break a denture and when you lose or break a crown. Any tooth or gum related problem that keeps you from being able to eat solid food regularly should be treated as a dental emergency.
Emergency Services at Fielding Dental Healthcare
Here at Fielding Dental Healthcare, we know how distressing it can be to experience a dental emergency in the first place, much less have to see an unfamiliar dentist to treat it. We understand that patients may avoid seeking emergency dental care simply because they do not trust an unfamiliar dentist or practice. For these reasons, emergency dental services are a priority at our office.
At Fielding Dental Healthcare, we provide same-day emergency and urgent dental services during all hours that our office is open. Emergency dental services at Fielding Dental Healthcare are focused on treating the specific urgent problem that you are having at that time. Reach out to Fielding Dental Healthcare at Website if you are in need of emergency an emergency dentist in Burlington.